At this time we have canceled all of our scheduled Meditations, Kirtans, Study Groups, Sunday and Thursday Lecture Services, Commemorative Services, Days of Service, 12-4 p.m. J Street Open Chapel, Learn to Meditate Classes, and Special Events at the Encinitas Temple, J St. Chapel, and Ashram until further notice.

The SRF Meditation Gardens and SRF Books & Gifts are also closed until further notice.

You will be notified about any updates or changes. 


I make one prediction now: The world is not going down to destruction. So, don’t be frightened. Believe in your Father. He will protect you if you remember His ideals, if you keep faith in Him. We are moving upward. The twelve hundred years of the material cycle have passed, and three hundred of the twenty-four hundred years of the atomic age are gone. Then there will be the mental and the spiritual ages. We are not going down. No matter what happens, the Spirit will win. I predict this. Anybody who uses the bomb, motivated by aggression, will fall by the bomb; but I know that in the hearts of America and India there is no love of violence. As Hitler with all his power fell, so any dictator, wherever he is, shall be downed. This I predict.